The artist and producer Cebratrack’s music can best be described as epic art-pop!

Cebratrack is the pen name of Erica Hallström solo project. She grew up in Lerdahl, outside of Rättvik, Sweden, but has spent the last 8 years living in Stockholm.

Cebtratrack made her debut in 2014 with the track ’Expectations’ and has received high commendation from press and media, both local and international. She is also well-known for her experimental live shows where the music and the visual converge into a very peculiar and unique universe.

Cebratracks music often describes the feeling of an inner conflict. For example, the track ’I’m Not a Stalker, This is Love’ depicts a self-experienced case of having a stalker.
Her vision is to combine the organic, such as voices and other natural sounds, with electronic elements, and that it entices you into a soft and bracing sound scape. The one who pays carefully attention may also discover both dog barks and the sound of a yoga ball. In other words, Cebratrack would never hesitate to use unexpected elements to break the conventional rules of electronic pop.

The sound is grand, substantial and raging!

“My dream is that, even if it’s the first time you hear one of my songs, you can’t resist to sing along. But at the same time I wish that you’ll discover new things every time you listen!
It’s a little like a poster I had over my bed when I was a kid. It had lots of details and every time I looked up I saw something new.”

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